SleepAngel® Medical Product Range

The hospital bed is comprised of different components, which pose a potential risk of infection for the patient and care givers if not adequately decontaminated.

SleepAngel Medical Barrier bedding alongside an audit protocol which considers their serviceable condition, is a simple, inexpensive, sustainable, and prudent safety measure.

Medical Pillows

Safe support for your patients.


For different positioning needs.

  • Shapessoap, triangular, wedge, cylinder, for head and body positioning
  • Filling options: different foam types, wadding, microbead, fibre
  • Colour: Royal blue
  • Best for: body positioning, head positioning, to reduce risks of pressure injuries and nerve damages

Medical Blankets

Keep your patients warm.

  • Sizes198×138, 200×135 to 210×160
  • Filling: Polyester thermo bonded wadding
  • Colours: Royal blue or Medical white
  • Best for: hospital bed

Neonatal range MESI

Special range for new-born intensive care unit (NICU)

  • Products: fluidised positioners (small, medium, large), neonatal bumper (regular, high), neonatal pad
  • Filling options: Floam, fluidized filling material, Polyurethane foam, mix of foams and memory foam
  • Colour: Royal blue
  • Best for: NICU department, positioning, nesting, to comfort, and contain babies

Maternity Ward Range

Support devices for maternity ward. 

  • Products: nursing pillows, body positioners
  • Filling optionsmicrobeads, polyester wadding, fibre
  • Colour: Royal blue or Medical white
  • Best for: nursing support

Range for children's hospital

Child-sized products with infection prevention features and fun and vibrant original patterns.

  • Products: pillows and positioners
  • Filling options: according to products
  • Colour: Royal blue or Medical white with custom patterns.
  • Best for: Sleeping, body positioning.

Pictured: Custom collection created with the Movistar Team.

ER Stretcher Mattress

Reduce risks in a demanding emergency room environment. 

  • Filling: Mix of memory foam and polyurethane foams
  • Colour: Dark Blue and Anti-Slip Grey outer cover, see through TPU inner cover
  • Speciality: Stretcher mattress with a filling with transparent thermoplastics and outer removable cover.
  • Best for: emergency room stretchers

Read more about the stretcher mattress here: link

Wheelchair cushions

Cushion with focus on support, hygiened and tissue viability.

  • Products: low risk and medium risk cushions
  • Filling options: mix of soft memory foam and polyurethane foam
  • Colour: dark blue and anti-slip 
  • Best for: wheelchairs


Created by tissue viability and infection prevention experts dr Duncan Bain and David Woolfson:

  • Products: Low risk, Medium risk and High risk mattresses
  • Filling options: Mix of foams according to mattress type
  • Colour: Dark blue and Antislip Grey
  • Best for: hospital bed
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SleepAngel Mattress Range is designed by Dr. Duncan Bain – Doctor of Biomedical Engineering, published pre-eminent expert in the field of support surface technology, who ran a support surface evaluation programme for the UK Medical Devices Authority and the NHS and David Woolfson, award winning innovator in the field of material science and support surface design.
These skills were combined to the design of the SleepAngel Pressure Reducing mattress range with focus on pressure area care (Tissue Viability) and Infection Prevention.

Feedback: David, patient Prague hospital

“I was using SleepAngel Medical pillow for the last two months when I was in the hospital. I had problems with my neck spine before and felt the difference right away. It is an ideal for someone like me who is used to sleeping on the side. It was actually so good that I decided to get it for myself at home, too.”

Feedback: Glasgow Royal Infirmary ICU

SleepAngel Medical Barrier Bedding cylinder positioner have proven to be useful tools for proning acute Covid-19 patients as they become ARDS. Especially as they can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each customer on site.

Suzanne Madden: “12 bolster pillows were delivered to Glasgow Royal Infirmary ICU from SleepAngel Medical Barrier Bedding, these will make a huge difference to our ICU patients that need to be proned. Thank You.”

Glasgow Royal Infirmary ICU Suzanne Madden

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