SleepAngel Medical Barrier Bedding Range

SleepAngel Medical Barrier Bedding range is equipped with barrier features

  • Durable, soft touch and high performance textile, that blocks out contaminants. Vapour permeable and waterproof;
  • Heat sealed seams provide complete barrier – no stitching holes;
  • Breathable mechanical PneumaPure filter allows clean air flow into the pillow, but blocks out pathogens and allergens.

Product technology is used to create soft surfaces that are a barrier to viruses, allergens, pathogens and liquids. SleepAngel products improve caregiver and patient safety, while not compromising in patient comfort and sleep quality. Product range is available in Royal Blue and in Medical white, making it suitable for both private and professional caregiving.

Here below a short overview of our products, please contact us directly for full catalogue. There are special product ranges supporting neonatal, hospital patient room, long term caregiving, OR theatre, positioning etc – all products are barrier to viruses, pathogens and liquids, do not require additional protective covers or laundry. Just wash under running water if soiled or wipe clean, disinfect and use safely with next patient.

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Medical Pillows

Available in Royal blue or Medical white, sizes from 50×60 to 60×80, standard filling high quality Microfibre (similar to down filling).


Available in Royal blue or Medical white, sizes from 200×135 to 210×160, filling carded wadding.


Available in Royal blue, various shapes (Soap, Triangular, Wedge and Cylinder), different foam and microbeads fillings.

Neonatal Mattress

Available in Royal blue or Medical white, size 31x61x4, different fillings.

Wheelchair Cushion

Available in Dark blue and Antislip Grey. Combination of soft memory foam and polyurethane foam.


Available in Dark blue and Antislip Grey. Low, medium and high risk mattresses with different fillings. Read more about the mattress developers below.

SleepAngel Mattress Range is designed by Dr. Duncan Bain (Doctor of Biomedical Engineering, widely published and a pre-eminent expert in the field of support surface technology. Previously ran a support surface evaluation programme for the UK Medical Devices Authority and the NHS) and David Woolfson (an award winning innovator in the field of material science and support surface design).
These skills plus updated learnings have been combined to the design of the SleepAngel Pressure Reducing mattress range with respect to the two key medical mattress design criteria i.e. pressure area care (Tissue Viability) and Infection Prevention and Control.
The PneumaPure Filter enabled SleepAngel mattress provide the proven and most effective infection prevention barrier in the medical cushioning device market.


Clinically proven barrier to pathogen ingress, yet well ventilated, breathable and comfortable.


Patented bedding range, clinically proven to block viruses, allergens, microbes and mold


Hermetically sealed cushioning device keeps pathogens out, because there is no stiching.

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