Our technology

SleepAngel Medical filter

PneumaPure Filtration technology is highly specialised nano-porous medium that is a clinically proven barrier to pathogens, allergens and microbes.  SleepAngel mattresses, duvets and pillows are hermetically sealed cushioning devices and airflow is only allowed via PneumaPure filter and therefore the risks associated with regular pillows are prevented – interior contamination and build-up of allergens and microbes. The only thing that can get in or out of a SleepAngel pillow is pure air because they breathe/ventilate through the purifying filter. Due to its nano-porous design the filter functions mechanically rather than chemically (i.e. it does not use biocides, pesticide or anti-histamine to be effective).

Tested pathogens include:

  • MRSA
  • C. difficile
  • E. coli
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Candida albicans
  • Aspergillus niger
  • Norovirus
  • Influenza Type A
  • Adenovirus 5
  • Coronavirus 229E (HcoV 229E)

SleepAngel – recommended and certified by Airmid.

SleepAngel PneumaPure filter technology is developed and created in cooperation with leading European laboratory Centexbel and tested independently by Airmid Healthgroup and multiple Tier I healthcare facilities.

SleepAngel PneumaPure Barrier Bedding is used around the world to fight cross-infection (healthcare associated infections, HAI, HCAI).

Product range includes duvets, mattresses, pillows, OR and neonatal specific products. Please see to our distributors page or contact us directly info@SleepAngel-medical.com

For home products, please see to www.SleepAngel.eu


Clinically proven barrier to pathogen ingress yet is well ventilated, breathable and comfortable.


Patented bedding range, clinically proven to block virus, allergen, microbes and mold.


Hermetically sealed cushioning keeps pathogens out, because there is no stiching.