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West Tallinn Central Hospital new neonatal family rooms with SleepAngel®

Safe and easy to clean SleepAngel Medical changing pads are part of the renovated Pelgulinna Sünnitusmaja (West Tallinn Central Hospital) neonatal family rooms.

SleepAngel® PneumaPure® filtered barrier bedding range combines absolute barrier protection with airflow – for user comfort. Clinically tested product technology is created to stop infection transmission and is especially suitable in demanding neonatal care.

The new Pelgulinna Sünnitusmaja neonatal family rooms are equipped with PneumaPure® filtered changing pads to make sure even the smallest of the details in the room is clean.

Barrier bedding products with a filter are a barrier to microbial contamination, meaning that the products are:

  • – barrier to viruses, allergens, liquids, pathogens etc
  • – do not require machine wash or dry cleaning – just wipe clean and disinfect
  • – filling material is chosen according to the needs of a small patient to support their delicate skin and tissue viability


Pneuma Pure® filter technology was invented and is used to stop infection transmission in healthcare by making them easy to clean and safely usable long term.

Read more about the technology: Pneuma Pure® filter technology

Pelgulinna Sünnitusmaja, photo Olev Mihkelmaa

Pelgulinna Sünnitusmaja, photo Olev Mihkelmaa

SleepAngel neonatal pad

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