SleepAngel Medical has won the Best Newcomer Award at The Infection Prevention Society Conference

The Infection Prevention Society Annual Conference celebrated 60 years of Infection Control Nursing and took place in Liverpool, England, 22 – 24 September 2019.

The Infection Prevention Society’s Conference brings together the leading practitioners in frontline care, infection prevention and control and microbiology for three days full of comprehensive presentations, specialist exhibits and meet-the-expert sessions and streams.

SleepAngel Medical introduced its new paediatric and ICU ranges of incubator mattresses, OR toppers, positioners and its established range of medical pillows and mattresses. All products enabled with the unique and patented PneumaPure Filter technology (see below).

The products struck a chord with the 500+ delegates from the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia who voted SleepAngel Medical “The Best Newcomer” award.

Responding to the award, Sven Jürisoo, Founder of SleepAngel Medical said – “Our mission, our objective is that clinical practice happens “where the air is pure” which we provide with our products. This award says to us that carers and specialists share our values and objective.”

PneumaPure technology

PneumaPure Filter Technology is a highly specialized nano-porous filter composite (i.e. composed of extremely small pores) that functions as an effective barrier to pathogens including bacteria, virus and fungus as well as to the ingress of liquid. At the same time, it remains highly air-permeable and provides a comfortable environment for patients.

Using this advanced technology in the design and manufacture of pillows, mattresses and other cushioning devices, results in a hermetically sealed cushioning device that is a clinically proven barrier to pathogen ingress yet is well ventilated, breathable and comfortable. SleepAngel products and technology is tested by top laboratories and is used successfully in hospitals, hotels and care homes around the world.

Sleepangel Medical website: https://sleepangel-medical.com

Sleepangel OÜ website: www.sleepangel.eu

About the conference: https://www.ips.uk.net

About us: https://sleepangel-medical.com

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