Scottish Care Home 2021

ScottishCare Care Home Gathering 19-21.01.2021

The Care Home Gathering will reflect on the issues that care homes has faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, exploring new innovations that have been implemented at this time and using these reflections to help shape the future of the care home sector. SleepAngel Medical will be there to introduce bedding innovation that improves environmental safety for caregivers and guests (barrier to viruses, allergens, liquids), is easy to maintain (disinfect on site) and gives patients dignified and comfortable sleeping environment.

The Care Home Gathering will take place virtually from Tuesday 19 January to Thursday 21 January 2021.


During the Care Home Gathering, delegates will get the opportunity to hear the latest developments in the care home sector and engage with companies through the ‘Expo’ space and also through a showcase of exhibitors over the three days.

“We are happy to welcome you to our online booth,” says Sven Jürisoo, CEO and Founder of SleepAngel Medical and adds “SleepAngel barrier bedding not only improves sustainability, safety and efficiency for the care home, but also improves patients intimate environment and dignified living.”

SleepAngel barrier bedding is a combination of innovations that improves both safety and sustainability:

  • • INFECTION PREVENTION – bedding is barrier to viruses, pathogens, allergens and liquids
  • • EASY TO CLEAN – SleepAngel bedding does not require machine wash or dry cleaning. It can be disinfected on site, with change of covers it is safely ready to use for next person. Stays stain and smell free
  • • SUPPORTING AND COMFORTABLE – bedding does not require additional protective covers and can be used with bedlinen
  • • SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT – bedding can be used for longer period of time without worry of stains, smells or losing shape
  • • WIDE PRODUCT RANGE – pillows, toppers, mattresses, blankets, positioners and wheel-chair cushions are available in Royal Blue and in Medical white, making it suitable for both private and professional caregiving
  • • CLINICALLY TESTED AND PROVEN – SleepAngel product range is tested by Airmid Healthgroup and used in tear I hospitals around the world.
SleepAngel bedding products are available in Medical White and Royal Blue. Product can be cleaned by disinfecting

SleepAngel bedding products are available in Medical White and Royal Blue. Product can be cleaned by disinfecting

SleepAngel Team will participate on the event throughout the expo days. For those not participating, you are most welcome to contact us info@SleepAngel-Medical.com


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