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Healthcare Facilities Management Conference 2021

FMC 2021 by Knowlex and NHS is the only conference designed exclusively for Healthcare Facilities Management. Event will take place 12.10 in Birmingham.

Gabriel Scientific / SleepAngel Medical will be participating at the event with Ecolab and introducing unique, sustainable and safe barrier bedding to participants.

As the pandemic continues to be a constant in our lives, the “new normal” is putting healthcare institutions and the people that keep them running under constant pressure of dealing with the daily demands of managing a 21st century healthcare environment while implementing financial, time and resource savings that are essential to the long-term resilience of hospital patient service delivery, and environmentally friendly sustainability.

“The core of SleepAngel Medical barrier bedding is PneumaPure filter technology – unique, patent protected and used globally in demanding healthcare environments. It is the one piece of puzzle that many medical institutions miss in creating safe and sustainable soft surface environment,” says Sven Jürisoo, CEO and founder of Gabriel Scientific / SleepAngel Medical.

Sven Jürisoo, SleepAngel Medical, founder and CEO

One of the often overlooked areas in infection transmission has been soft surfaces. With the new cooperation between Ecolab and Gabriel Scientific / SleepAngel Medical, unique and patent protected barrier bedding, will be introduced to healthcare facilities at the event.

“SleepAngel Medical Barrier bedding is unique, as PneumaPure filtered soft surfaces are cleaned the same way as hard surfaces – wash under running water if soiled, dry and disinfect. It is a revolutionary step away from laundry services and single use bedding products both environmentally and financially,” adds Jürisoo.

SleepAngel Medical bedding products are available globally, in UK through Ecolab. Read more about the conference here: link


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