SleepAngel Medical at MEDICA 2022 with Elers Medical Finland

SleepAngel Medical barrier bedding is invented and globally used in healthcare facilities to fight healthcare acquired infections, improve safety for patients and caregivers, and support sustainability targets.

Come see SleepAngel Medical at MEDICA 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany, 14 – 17 November.

Our display can be found at our partner Elers Medical stand in hall 16, stand 52

Fighting healthcare acquired infections with soft surface innovation

SleepAngel Medical barrier products were innovated to fight healthcare acquired infections because soft surface is the often overlooked link the chain of infection transmission.

Design of traditional bedding products (such as pillows, mattresses, positioners, duvets, top mattresses) have not provided an adequate barrier to internal product contamination. Thread, needle perforations, air vents, zippers all allow air and liquid borne pathogen ingress. Contaminated bedding then acts as a reservoir and potential vector for infection.

SleepAngel’s unique soft surface products (medical blankets, pillows, mattresses, positioners etc.) include barrier components and a nano-porous PneumaPure® filter technology resulting in hermetically sealed products, that are a proven barrier to pathogen ingress yet being well ventilated, breathable and comfortable.

Traditional soft surfaces

Soft surfaces with barrier components

Clinically tested and proven technology, approved by patients and caregivers

Test Report No.ASC092149, Airmid Health Group: “The SleepAngel pillow was proven to be effective in acting as barrier for Human Coronavirus 229E, used as a representative for the Coronavirus family. The test carried out using a BioStage impactor demonstrated that the pillow was able to block 99.99% of virus.”

 Download the report here: Test Report No. ASC092149

Safety with sustainability

SleepAngel Medical barrier bedding supports sustainability as the products are a barrier to microbial ingress:

  • long term utilisation – with warranty up to one year
  • no laundry – clean and disinfect on site
  • smaller medical bedding stock
  • improved safety for caregivers and patients

NB! Option of PrimaLoft Bio, the first-ever biodegradable, 100% recycled synthetic staple fibre.

Coming up: an app to follow up procedures and stock utilisation.

Overview from our partners

Comment from Dr. Bruce Mitchell, CEO, Airmid Healthgroup.

Airmid HealthGroup specialises in aerobiology. They are our partner in microbiology testing. 

Overview of SleepAngel Medical as HCAI reduction measure by Diane Wake. 

Diane Wake was Director of Infection Prevention and Control at Liverpool & Broadgreen University NHS Trust

Overview of soft surfaces in healthcare setting by Anneli Pärg.

Anneli is the KAM at Gabriel Scientific OÜ, producer of SleepAngel Medical barrier bedding in Estonia.

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