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Meet SleepAngel and Elers Medical at MEDICA 2023

We are presenting an extensive portfolio of infection prevention and control tools that represent the highest standard in quality and innovation in hall 16/G52.

The SleepAngel Medical team is participating in the 2023 MEDICA event (November 13-16, Düsseldorf) alongside Elers Medical in hall 16/G52.

Together, we are presenting an extensive portfolio of infection prevention and control tools that represent the highest standard in quality and innovation. These tools support your fight against hospital-acquired infections, improve patient and caregiver safety, and provide the additional bonus of sustainability.

At SleepAngel, our mission is to create safe and sustainable soft surface environments in healthcare. To achieve this mission, we are working to establish a new standard for hermetically sealed soft surfaces with PneumaPure® filter technology.

Lyane Lind states, “At SleepAngel, our primary aim is to create safe and supportive soft surface environments for patients and caregivers using PneumaPure® filter technology. This unique technology was innovated and has been validated by healthcare facilities to support their fight against healthcare-acquired infections.”

SleepAngel Medical is our patented bedding range with PneumaPure® filter technology – clinically proven to block pathogens*, allergens, microbes, and mold. It is the world’s first barrier bedding range to combine absolute barrier protection with airflow.

PneumaPure® filter technology is certified as a Class I Medical Device in the EU, a registered Class I Medical Device with the FDA, and approved and registered with the SFDA.

In addition to acting as a barrier against microbial contamination, SleepAngel Medical Barrier Bedding is also a sustainable choice. Lind explains, “Soft surfaces with PneumaPure filter technology are hermetically sealed and include a breathable mechanical filter to allow clean airflow into the cushioning device while blocking out pathogens and allergens. This means that soft surfaces with PneumaPure® filter technology can be safely used long-term without the need for laundry. This inherent feature enables healthcare facilities to save time, money, and the environment by upgrading from single-use or laundry-requiring soft surfaces to SleepAngel.”

SleepAngel’s product ranges include pillows, blankets, mattresses (catering to various tissue viability needs), positioners, and specialized sets for OR theatres, ER, NICU, etc. Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries.

*Tested pathogens include: MRSA, C. difficile, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger, Norovirus, Influenza Type A, Adenovirus 5, Coronavirus 229E (HcoV 229E)

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