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Soft surfaces in the chain of cross-infection

Health Europa published and article by Silver Türk (Phd, Medical microbiology) discussing the important role of keeping soft surfaces clean in the healthcare setting.

Coronavirus cannot enter pillows and mattresses that are equipped with SleepAngel PneumaPure filters. Silver Türk (PhD, medical microbiology) explains the infection control benefits of SleepAngel bedding products.

Healthcare-associated infections combined with antibiotic resistance present a global challenge that brings hygiene and prevention into sharper focus. One area which is often overlooked is soft surfaces, which act as a link in a chain of cross-infection between patients and caregivers.

The infected pillow has several things in common with the infected human in terms of its capacity to spread infection. The human being coughs and sneezes, thereby generating a periodic aerosol of contaminated material into the ambient surroundings. The conventional coated pillow with stitched seams does something very similar: approximately two litres of humid air contaminated with microorganisms carried in droplet suspension are aerosolised into the environment, every time the patient’s head is placed on the pillow.

This has the capacity to recolonise the nearby environment, negating the effectiveness of any cleaning regimen. Infected pillows are likely to be a significant vector for infection, and the introduction of a CE marked, validated barrier pillow, alongside an audit protocol which considers pillows and their serviceable condition, is a simple, inexpensive, and prudent measure1.

Continue to read the article here: SleepAngel Medical: soft surfaces in the chain of cross-infection

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