Estonian Social Insurance partners with SleepAngel

The Social Insurance Board of Republic of Estonia has added selected SleepAngel’s filtered products to their list of reimbursed medical devices and aids.

SleepAngel products feature unique patented PneumaPure filter and textile innovation for soft surfaces – clinically proven to block pathogens, allergens, microbes and mould. Patent protected cover and filling materials to prevent pressure ulcers, create dignified, safe and comfortable environment for the user.

SleepAngel Medical products – represented in Estonia by Gabriel Scientific Eesti OÜ – have been added to the list of products reimbursed by the Social Insurance Board. SleepAngel products feature unique filter technology that ensures that the products stay clean on the inside and are easy to maintain, as well as comfortable and long-lasting for the user.

“A clean and comfortable environment is part of a dignified life. SleepAngel product technology combines protected textile, welded seams and PneumaPure filter technology, resulting in a hermetically sealed yet ventilated product – user-friendly, supportive and easy to clean – that can be used without protective covers,” says Aile Pilberg, CEO of Gabriel Scientific Eesti OÜ and adds “in addition to barrier components, the filling materials and set up of the products are set by Dr Dunan Bain, leading expert in bed ulcers area.”

SleepAngel products are used in hospitals and care homes around the world. PneumaPure Filter Technology is certified as Class I Medical Device in EU and Registered Class I Medical Device within the FDA.

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