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Coronavirus brings more focus on HCAI and prevention activities

Health Care Associated Infections combined with antibiotic resistance is a global challenge that brings hygiene and prevention to heavier focus.

Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI) combined with antibiotic resistance is a global challenge that brings hygiene and prevention to heavier focus. One of the often-overlooked areas in HCAI prevention is soft surface – link in a chain of cross-infection between patients.

Standard pillows/soft surfaces become quickly colonised by organisms via vents, zips, sewn seams and non barrier covers. As a result, we have a problem with sleeping environments, especially multiple user bedding environments like hotels, hospitals, care homes and while travelling.

Dr Duncan Bain and David Woolfson suggest in their research conclusion “Pillows: The Forgotten Fomite[1] the introduction of a CE medical device standard, validated barrier pillow, alongside an audit protocol which considers pillows and their serviceable condition, is a simple, inexpensive, and prudent measure.

Silver Türk (Phd medical microbiology): “There is not yet much data on 2019 coronavirus (nCov-2019 or COVID-19). However, it is known that its cousin SARS coronavirus is stable for over five days in typical indoor conditions (22-25°C and 40-50% humidity)[2]. Since the typical cotton cloth of traditional pillows and/or seam stitch-holes of any pillows are permeable to coronavirus, the interiors of these common or hospital pillows can become reservoirs for the virus. The ability of the SleepAngel pillow to act as a highly effective barrier to human Coronavirus 229E* was demonstrated and certified by independent laboratory**. SleepAngel filtered pillows block the passage of coronavirus into the pillow thereby preventing the interior contamination. As with all surfaces in the patient environment the surface of the pillow should be disinfected in accordance with the relevant hospital cleaning protocols.”

PneumaPure filtered bedding was created to fight HAI and it acts as an effective barrier to viruses, allergens, mould and other pathogens through combination of innovations:

  • •Durable and high-performance textile to block out contaminants. Vapour permeable and waterproof;
  • •Heat sealed seams provide complete barrier, no stitching holes;
  • •Breathable mechanical PneumaPure filter that allows clean air flow into the pillow, but blocks out pathogens and allergens.

PneumaPure filtered barrier bedding is effective against coronavirus and also against following micro-organisms: Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger (a fungal pathogen but intended as a surrogate for more harmful filamentous fungi), Influenza Type A, Adenovirus 5, Bacillus Atrophaeus, as surrogate for Clostridium Dificile (endospore forming, same size), Bacteriophage PhiX174, as surrogate for Norovirus (bacterial non-enveloped virus of same size, 26nm-35nm diameter. Host bacteria E.Coli.

PneumaPure filtered barrier bedding is produced in Estonia. More information www.SleepAngel-Medical.com and info@SleepAngel-Medical.com


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