Charity with the Movistar Team

SleepAngel Medical children's collection gifted for Spanish hospital. Custom design inspired by the Movistar Team.

In 2021 our R&D director Lyane Lind was looking for ways to improve our sustainability efforts and find ways to use fabric and filter leftovers.

As a result, she created a custom children’s product range with fun and vibrant original patterns.

SleepAngel Medical’s bedding products range for children’s hospitals with fun custom patterns, our unique infection prevention features, and smaller size to fit their smaller proportions is finding its way to more hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world to improve safety for the smaller patients and also add fun feature to their hospital experience.
In 2021, our partner Movistar Team was looking ways to celebrate Christmas and with their top riders, we organized a charity auction with MatchWornShirt. Now our team and the author of the custom pattern are working hard to make the charity come true and to make Movistar Team stand out, small cool bicycles are added to the patterns. The charity is expected to be filled in the last quarter of 2022.
If you would like to hear more about the children’s hospital range, please contact us info@sleepangel-medical.com

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