Arab health 2023

Meet us at Arab Health 2023

Come meet us at Arab Health 30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Arab Health brings together key stakeholders to collaborate and make healthcare a more sustainable, positive impact industry.
SleepAngel Medical will introduce sustainable and safe bedding products at the event.

SleepAngel Medical bedding products with PneumaPure® filter technology (blankets, pillows, mattresses, positioners etc.) are hermetically sealed, that are a proven barrier to pathogen ingress yet being well ventilated, breathable, and comfortable. As a result, SleepAngel Medical bedding products look and feel like regular soft surfaces, but at the same time act as a barrier against pathogens, viruses, allergens, liquids and other environmental substances that can be found in healthcare setting. The products are easy to clean and disinfect, and can be used for longer period of time.

Anneli Pärg (Global KAM) will be representing us at the event: “We have seen increase in interest towards SleepAngel Medical barrier products during last few years. Partially due to Covid-19 and focus in HCAI’s, but also due to sustainability efforts and wish to reduce environmental footprint. SleepAngel Medical products can be used for longer periods of time and do not require costly laundry. This means that purchase departments are thinking more about total cost of ownership than initial purchase price”.

Expo area is designed and initiated by Rowad Medical Service and Mid East Medical.

Comparison: Traditional pillow versus SleepAngel Medical pillow

SleepAngel soft surfaces have SafeWeld seams, PureShield fabric protection and a PneumaPure® filter that allows only clean air to enter. Technology is globally patent protected and used in healthcare facilities to improve safety and sustainability.

Images from the event with Rowad Medical Service and Mid East Medical

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