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SleepAngel wins Ageing Asia Eldercare Innovation Award!

SleepAngel Medical bedding is the winner in the category "Rehabilitation equipment", presented by our partner Maliphant.

The 14th Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF) was held in Singapore on 24-25 May 2023 together with the 11th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2023.

We are happy to report, that SleepAngel Medical Barrier Bedding was awarded the winner in the award category “Rehabilitation equipment”. SleepAngel was presented at the event by our partner Maliphant International Sales Limited.

AAIF is organised by Ageing Asia and the 2023 theme is “Celebrating Life and Longevity” with focus on the mindset shift of new generations of older people who aspire for health, independence and purpose. The vision of the International Ageing Week is to encourage global knowledge exchange, cross industry collaborations and sector partnerships to help accelerate the launch of new projects and innovations.

SleepAngel Medical barrier bedding with unique PneumaPure® filter technology was part of the event as dignified and supporting rest and recovery environment is important for quality rest and quality of life.

“The barrier features of our products are the result of three unique combinations – PneumaPure® filter technology, SafeWeld seams and PureShield fabric protection. Combining these elements with carefully chosen and scientifically tested filling materials, we get bedding products that are a barrier to microbial contamination, support tissue viability and reduce ecological footprint” says Anneli Pärg, Global Key Account Manager of Gabriel Scientific, producer of SleepAngel bedding.

Anneli Pärg adds: “With this event, we were able to focus on the values these technical features create. SleepAngel Medical barrier bedding creates dignified (no smells, no stains), comfortable and supporting recovery environment for the patients. At the same time, the products support the facility’s sustainability and infection prevention and control efforts – unique barrier features keep microbial ingress out of the product content and therefore they do not require machine wash or dry cleaning, just wipe clean and disinfect for safe utilisation.”

Cleaning process of the products is quick, safe and sustainable – remove bedlinen, audit the products, wipe clean, and disinfect.

SleepAngel Medical Barrier Bedding is certified as Class I Medical Device in the EU, registered Class I Medical Device with the FDA, and approved and registered with the SFDA.

Contact us info@gabrielscientific.com or find the nearest distributor on our global distributor network: link.

Photos: Ageing Asia event album.

About Ageing Asia

Ageing Asia focuses on three subject areas – facilitating knowledge transfer of best practices, concepts and innovations in health and elder care between countries and sectors; Researching and identifing market intelligence on Asia Pacific’s silver economy business opportunities, and improving quality of elderly care in Asia Pacific. Read more about Ageing Asia on their homepage:

About SleepAngel

Gabriel Scientific is the producer of patent protected SleepAngel Medical barrier bedding. The core of our products is PneumaPure® Filter Technology. Our product range include pillows, mattresses, positioners, blankets, top mattresses, and speciality ranges for OR theatres, maternity wards, NICU departments, nursing homes, plastic surgery, and many more. Our research & development, production and logistics teams are located in Estonia (Pärnu) with 90% of our materials sourced within the European Union.


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