SleepAngel Medical ER Stretcher Pads 20219

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary improves patient safety with SleepAngel®

Stryker beds equipped with SleepAngel Medical stretcher pads - inner foam with hermetically sealed transparent cover and additional zipped cover for protection.

New SleepAngel Medical emergency room stretcher pads improve patient safety and reduce costs.

In the beginning of 2021, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary approached SleepAngel Medical with an issue that needed sustainable and safe upgrade – stretcher pads in the emergency room. Our team was happy to take on a challenge and find how we can use our PneumaPure® filter technology – absolute barrier protection products with airflow – in a challenging environment. Given the Covid-19 condition, our cooperation and product development ended up being very different – it was crucial to invest time and attention to map all the issues that needed solving and defining clear expectations. All the communication was handled online with minimum contact.


The problem with emergency room stretcher pads 

Emergency rooms are a special kind of places where all details support common target. Patient and caregivers need to be safe; processes need to be clear and quick. Until now, stretcher pads had been a challenging area as even with the smallest damage to the outer cover, for safety reasons, all of the pad needed to be exchanged.

As our soft surface solution has absolute barrier protection, we were approached with a challenge to create sustainable and safe solution. After weeks of discussions between all parties, a new solution was suggested – hermetically sealed and transparent cover to protect the inner foam core, with additional zipped cover for the outer surface, meaning that:

  • • if there’s damage to the outer cover (e.g., due to aggressive cleaning or strike through) the inner can be checked easily for damage
  • • if the outer cover is the only part compromised it can be replaced without removing the inner for disposal

Clear and safe solution for all parties.

The new SleepAngel’s solution went through vigorous testing phase being competed against well-known competitors was considers as a winning solution in terms of:

  • • Tissue Viability
  • • Infection Control
  • • Accident and Emergency Requirements, incl. being X-Ray compatible.

SleepAngel Medical’s new solution will be used on X-Ray compatible Stryker Stretcher/Trollies.

For further information, please contact us SleepAngel Medical / Gabriel Scientific OÜ – info@GabrielScientific.com

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