Worldclass medical innovation could keep bedding industry working during crisis

Abbreviation of article by Siiri Liiva published in Ärileht.

Gabriel Scientific / SleepAngel Medical is producing barrier bedding (blankets, pillows, mattresses, etc) in Pärnu, Estonia. Although company’s PneumaPure filtered bedding is already used in many hospitals and care-homes around Estonia, a bigger order from the government could take healthcare safety to a new level and also keep jobs in bedding industry, that have been hit by the crisis.

PneumaPure filtered bedding order – or a bedding with a mask – has already been delivered to Kuressaare hospital, that has been hit the hardest by Covid19, with the aim to make hospital safer for care givers and patients. SleepAngel Medical barrier bedding is an effective barrier to viruses, liquids and allergens and helps therefore to reduce number of possible contamination sources in healthcare setting.

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