PneumaPure filtered bedding - effective barrier against viruses, bacterias, liquids and allergens.

SleepAngel mattresses, duvets and pillows are hermetically sealed cushioning devices and airflow is only allowed via PneumaPure filter. Therefore the risks associated with regular pillows are prevented – interior contamination and build-up of allergens and microbes. It is also proven barrier against Coronavirus.

Test Report No.ASC092149, Airmid Health Group:
The SleepAngel pillow was proven to be effective in acting as barrier for Human Coronavirus 229E, used as a representative for the Coronavirus family. The test carried out using a BioStage impactor demonstrated that the pillow was able to block 99.99% of virus.”

Download the report here: Test Report No. ASC092149


Silver Türk, Phd, Medical Microbiology: “There is not yet much data on 2019 Coronavirus (nCov-2019 or COVID-19). However, it is known that its cousin SARS coronavirus is stable for over five days in typical indoor conditions (22-25°C and 40-50% humidity). Standard hospital pillows and mattresses allow pathogen ingress and egress through stitch-holes and/or zippers rendering them permeable Coronavirus. Consequently, the interiors of these common or hospital mattresses and pillows can become reservoirs for the virus. 

The ability of the SleepAngel pillow and mattress to act as a highly effective barrier to human Coronavirus 229E (Coronavirus type strain) was demonstrated and certified by independent laboratory (Airmid healthgroup Ltd). SleepAngel filtered pillows block the passage of coronavirus into the pillow or mattress thereby preventing the interior contamination. As with all surfaces in the patient environment the surface of the pillow should be disinfected in accordance with the relevant hospital cleaning protocols.”

SleepAngel Medical Barrier Bedding cylinder has proven to be a useful tool for proning acute Covid-19 patients as they become ARDS. Proning creates pressure on the chest and the cylinders both help to relief the pressure and maintain needed patient position. In addition, they can be disinfected on site and reused for other patients as they are a proven barrier against viruses, allergens, pathogens and liquids. 

SleepAngel cylinder